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It has been a while since I last posted on my website.  Today I decided that I would contribute more to blogging.  I have been doing a number of things in the past few years since I left Dhaka, Bangladesh.

I am thankful that I had the opportunity to go abroad and experience what most people have not. It is truly a 3rd world country but we lived in the diplomatic zone which gave us some comfort and safety.  Needless to say the least, the streets were overly crowded with beeping cars, trucks, cabs, buses and rickshaws… absolute chaos! Not to mention, people trying to cross the streets and dodge traffic.

Traffic lights and stops signs are non-existent so the congestion at the intersections made for an interesting and hair raising experience as head on collisions looked eminent.  The route to work…thank you for our wonderful driver who made sure the teachers got to the school in one piece, dodging in and out of the back streets.

The streets and shopping marts were crowded with the poor begging for money as they pointed to a small child resting on their hip. The rickshaw drivers were also looking to earn some money and most times we would have 5 or 6 rickshaws crowding around us as we tried to get quickly to the store and back to our apartment.

Definitely a huge language barrier existed so rather than pay too much for a ride, walking was the option chosen. As a woman walking along the street it became common for the men to stop and stare at us as we walked by. I literally felt like an alien and it felt uncomfortable.

The experience Dhaka, Bangladesh is one that I will never forget. I’m so glad that I took many pictures and I did met some very nice people. My classroom kids were so cute and curious about everything.  We would discuss the vastness of the ocean and that I was from a very long distance away from their city.  As I talked about the snow in winter and flowers in the summers they became very curious.

Jobs in education in the London, Ontario area are far and few between.  I have not been successful in securing employment with my professional degrees, although I did secure a spot at a local inbound call centre. What the heck, learning how to answer billing issues with corporate account holders is not that bad, ya right! LOL TRANSFERABLE SKILLS do come in handy in a pinch!

I did truly enjoy sharing stories with some of the customers.  As I politely asked them to please hold the line, I would quickly navigate through the many screens trying to find a solution to their dilemma!

My skills in using the database was still in the learning stages, so it would take me a while or there was no one around to help and customers were annoyed or upset about how long it was taking.

During these times I would strike up a conversation on how their weekend was, or share gramma stories, or parenting stories…diffuse the situation so to say…overage charges, travelling packs, over billing, and the list goes on….I met some good friends through this place but now off to my next adventure.

NOW, which transferable skills will I be using today in my job search. I enjoy meeting new people so look forward to who’s on my journey today.

Have a most fruitful day!!

October 5th, 2014 – Arrival at Istanbul, Turkey Sept. 14th, 2014

Wow, amazing to arrive in Dhaka. Hot and humid weather and far away from home. Canada, I will be back!

After a lengthy flight overseas, the aircraft safely landed in Istanbul, Turkey and now reality has hit me square in the head.  Very few English speaking staff.  The terminal was very interesting and my introduction to the different cultures around me was very evident. I was just happy to be on dry land and tour the facilities like everyone else. During the the four hour stopover, my new found friend, Capri and I found each other and started touring together. Time went by fast until it was time to board another Turkish Airlines aircraft to continue on with the rest of the trip.

Breakfast with all the fixings. Food was very tasty and I was very hungry. Service with class on this flight.
Landing at Istanbul, Turkey International Airport. Sept 14/14
I appreciated all the room I had on this flight. Movies were awesome and facilities were very clean.


To my dismay, I had another 8 hours in the air before getting to Dhaka.  There is a two hour difference between Istanbul and Dhaka. I was a little lost without my iPhone and the laptop was useless without WiFi.  Technology when you don’t have it!

The flight from Istanbul to Dhaka was a little different. Smaller aircraft and very little leg room. The media devices were malfunctioning for the whole trip. There were four seats across where I was seated. Luckily someone changed their mind and didn’t show up. I made use of the extra seat beside me and the other passenger. Tried to get some sleep but it was next to impossible. I was seated behind a couple of families with small babies who were needless to say very quiet during the journey. I had fun playing with the friendly one. The other one was very miserable and was not interested in anyone else but his mommy.  🙂

I will keep on with this saga in my next blog…stay tuned.  🙂



International Teaching Experience, September 2014


Saturday, September 13th, 2014, 3:00 pm.

Ground travel: Robert Q, from London, Ontario, Canada to Pearson International Airport, Toronto, Ontario, Canada,  thank you to my good friend Nida for driving me to the Robert Q terminal

FLIGHT DETAILS:  Pearson International Airport, Toronto, Ontario, Canada:  Terminal 1, Flight TK 018, Departure: 13 SEP 2014, 22:35, Arrival: 14 SEP 15:25, Istanbul Ataturk Airport, Istanbul, Turkey

After being on the Turkish Airlines flight, longest flight I’ve ever taken, for about ten hours we landed and waited four hours for the rest of the journey on the same airline which flew us directly to Dhaka, Bangladesh.  The flight and staff were excellent although I had motion sickness and was sick most of the way. I managed to get to the bathroom door but…

After floating to the floor, I rested in the aisle way for ten minutes until I felt strong enough to crawl back to my seat.  A kind gentleman came to my aid and asked me “are you okay?”  I said, “yes, I will be fine and thank you”. He brought me a cold facecloth and said he would watch over me. He was the gentleman sitting next to me on the plane. Tossing and turning and moaning I managed to get some zzzs until the pilot announced we were approaching Istanbul Airport. Now a long long long ways from HOME and familiar surroundings.

It didn’t take long to meet a new friend. Her name is Papri and she is from Windsor area and on her way to Bangladesh to see her family for a month. We were both outside at Pearson having a break and we exchanged stories. She hopes we can connect once I get settled into Dhaka and shes says that she will make contact soon. She has since contacted me and I expect to hear back from here soon so we can visit again.

My new friend, Papri, as we arrived at Istanbul Ataturk Airport, Turkey on Sunday, September 14, 2014

Wednesday, September 10th, 2014

Joy oh joy, so lovely when it rains!  Today’s forecast for London, Ontario.  Lots of rain.

I hear Calgary is getting an early winter today and this makes me happy that I live in London, Ontario.  We have had so many sunny days this summer that rain is a welcome sight!

Yesterday I had fun helping to clean out our fish tank. Now the fish are happy and also enjoying the extra brightness with a new light bulb. It is a lot of work to empty an aquarium…clean the gravel, clean the algae off all the plants, tubing, pumps and buildings but we did it!

We have four Danos, 2 Angels, 1 Sword tail and 3 Neons plus one guy we’ve had for a long long time…he’s a trooper.  They are so much fun to watch as they swim and chase each other. Oh the life of a fish. 🙂

2014-09-10 006
Our two Angel fish. It doesn’t matter where I gaze into the tank they both swim up to my face and pucker up. So cute!
2014-09-10 005
You can see the other fish in the background but the Angel fish like to hog the show. September 2014
2014-09-10 001
Our aquarium. Jerry and I enjoy this project together even though he has had this tank for years. He loves his fish! September 2014

My news of the day is that I have received my passport and visa via priority post.  This means travel arrangements will be made and I will be on my way to Dhaka, Bangladesh within the next few days.  I am looking forward to meeting my students as their teacher and settling down for the next ten months.

Packing is a big decision. What do I bring and what do I leave behind?  I plan on travelling light but also don’t want to forget anything. Family pics, laptop, CPAP machine, toothbrush, toothpaste, and the list goes on.  I don’t know what to expect at the other end so will have to wait and see.

Thank you for reading my blog and next time I will have more news.

– Marilynn 🙂

Monday, September 8, 2014

Today, Monday, June 8th, 2014, I have decided to update my blog.  I apologize for neglecting this cyberspace.

Summer 2014 in London, Ontario has been the best…with its sunny, hot and humid days.  We had a few rainy days but I love a good summer rain.  Rain is a godsend that washes away dust and grime that comes with city living.

I did have a chance to get away for a few weekends in May and June.  Wonderful outdoor times spent were spent with my third oldest daughter Lisa and her partner Mike at the trailer…and of course, my precious little Avril (my 2 year old grand daughter).  Avril and I had fun travelling along the many streets in the campground via golf cart.

Many good times were spent at the Ponderosa campground along Lake Huron (one of the Great Lakes).

The news that I have to share today is that I have made a life changing decision!!  I have been offered a contract to teach in Dhaka, Bangladesh!!  I am very excited and look forward to meeting some new people and entering into a new culture.  I will miss my partner Jerry and he will miss me also.  We both discussed our options and made a mutual decision to make this work.  I love you Jerry!

Although,I will leave London with a heavy heart, I am looking forward to a new adventure.   Once travel arrangements are made I will be on an international flight heading for a new experience as a teacher.  Wish me luck and see you in my next blog story.   🙂

I enjoyed the boardwalk with all it’s scenic sights and luscious plants. Peaceful and serene Sifton Bog in London, Ontario.


Friday, May 30, 2014 My FIRST blog :)

2014-09-04 003
Our first Hibiscus bloom on the deck. 2014
2014-05-19 003
Spring in Ailsa Craig at my daughter Lisa’s place. May 2014
2014-05-12 001
My beautiful two year grand daughter Avril on Mother’s Day 2014.


2014-05-21 001
The view outside my daughter Caitlin’s room now the spare room from the 4th floor. May 2014

Today is wonderful as spring steps into our realm in London Ontario.  Traces of ice and snow have long gone – memories of a long hard winter here in London, Ontario.  Finally the trees now have a new set of leaves and most flowers are in bloom—Daffodils and Tulips.

As I walked along the Thames River trail yesterday, I was pleasantly surprised to see the Impatiens and Geraniums sitting all in a row showing off their glory!  The wildlife was busy.  I noticed a family of ducks, 5 males and 1 female, with 5 little ducklings swimming behind their mom.  I really appreciate the efforts of those that make the environment thought provoking and beautiful for those of us that are able to get out and take advantage of our precious mobility.

I will try my best to keep posting on my blog to the best of my ability. I would really like to write stories and share some of my life experiences.  As for now, I will continue reading and work on completing “THE WHUFFIE FACTOR” – Tara Hunt.  This book is what gave me inspiration and knowledge to re-visit blogging. Thank you!  🙂